5 skills to 5x your design skill set in 5 weeks

Get ready to see instant improvement in your designs. I have included sources also from where you can learn these skills. As designers, we need to keep upgrading our skillset every day. Every day there is some new technique to learn and master. You cannot be left behind your peers. But where do we start,…

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8 creative ways to design your hero section

First impression is the last impression. This might not apply all the time but most of the time it does hold true. Your visitors are affected by what they see first on your website. So it helps to make it creative to increase their interest. Hero section refers to the area of a web page…

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5 tips to become a typography pro

Nothing will help you become a pro designer faster than working on your typography skills. So let’s see how you can elevate your typography game with few simple tips. The web is made of text. All the webpages on the world wide web are composed mostly of text. That is not a surprising fact at all…

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