5 real frustrations of being a designer

Here are some daily struggles in the life of a designer which hopefully won’t stop you from becoming one. This article is based on my own real world experiences. So, without wasting any time on an intro, let’s get directly into the meat of the article. The following are the top 5 real struggles in…

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5 simple tricks to go from a beginner to UI design pro

When you are just starting out in UI design, it can be intimidating when you browse dribbble or behance or such sites. You will see beautiful designs from various talented designers around the world on these sites and if you are anything like me then you must wonder why your designs don’t match up to…

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Top 5 reasons why freelancing is hard

Whenever I tell people that I am a freelancer, they automatically assume that I must be living my life on the beaches with a drink in my hand enjoying the sunlight.  There’s this rosy picture being painted all around us that being a freelancer is full of joy and happiness. Well, let me give you a…

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